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Ben Oakley Gallery is proud to present the first Solo exhibition in the UK by painter Barry Bish. A self taught artist, Bish has been working in oil for over 20 years, his work is made up of colourful dabs of paint squeezed directly from the tube onto the canvas, building the image up layer [...]


Ben Oakley Gallery is proud to welcome two accomplished painters, Ray Richardson and Guy Denning, in the show The Dog & Crow. The title came easily as Ray is well known for his English Bull Terriers & Guy for his Crows; these figures are just a scratch on the surface of work these two prolific figurative oil [...]


Ben Oakley Gallery continues it’s year long commitment in presenting impressive, dynamic and stimulating two person shows. This latest exhibition ‘Mardy’ falls effortlessly into that category. Mardy is a unique collaboration between two young exciting contemporary artists, Carne Griffiths & Rowan Newton, Sketching & painting the same subjects in response to a studio sitting at [...]


Taken in Venice and Barjac, this series of photographs captures time-worn and manipulated man-made surfaces being reclaimed by the forces of nature.  They lend themselves to the illusion that through art we can stop time or otherwise preserve a moment, feeling or impression.  This abstraction is taken to the extreme in these encaustic images by attempting [...]


Ben Oakley Gallery presents an exhibition by two very different Artists, both have an immersive quality that commands the viewer to stare and drift into each drawing with total disbelief at the accuracy sharpness and depth delivered by the humble pen. Both Artists have fine qualities in abundance. David brays’ imagination flows effortlessly and some [...]


Flux features visions of despairing urban landmarks and aims to warn us about the imminent loss of ‘taken for granted’ urban icons of our current society. Peel looks at the high street, its days numbered as stalwarts of our cultural landscape are closed down and re-imagined to service the changing needs of our society, while [...]


10” x 10”  Portraits each by Ray Richardson, David Bray & Ben Oakley each finished in their inimitable styles, plus one additional painting each by special guest artists. All work will be for sale and adorn the walls above the newly installed traditional wood panelling, there will be a stocked bar in the corner of [...]


This collection is a time slice, with traces of Oakleys’ previous incarnations, from Film to Mosaics, Aerosol to Acrylics including the reuse of collectables that are reborn as Modern object D’art with a huge wedge of irony and black humour. In his larger paintings Oakley confidently overlays and repeats shapes using strong colours that create [...]


Jo Peel is a One Girl Wonder, as honest as the day is long, painting excactly what is infront of her. Not sanitising or removing street furniture/Graffitti or the reality of City Life. The streets of London she paints are what we really see in every day life. Documenting London Changing, London Lost & London [...]


Ben Oakley Gallery is pleased to welcome back London born painter Ray Richardson in his second exhibition with the gallery ‘ Londons Topdog ’. On view for the first time will be a series of Lithographs produced exclusively by Master Printer Lee Turner from Hole Editions, Newcastle. Turner trained for years at the renowned Tamarind [...]