‘WHAT WAS I THINKING ?’ A Ben Oakley Solo Exhibition | Friday 12th October 2018 from 7pm sponsored by THE PELTON ARMS & The FUDGE PATCH



‘What was I Thinking?’

A Solo Exhibition by Ben Oakley 12thOct – 28th2018

Oakley is a British Artist who is affectionately known for his “cross medium creations”, in which non-traditional materials are employed in innovative combinations. A creative furball, Oakley is both a Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker and Photographer who incorporates ‘salvaged textural treasures’ into a impulsive canvas creating a hybrid of ephemera & three-dimensional artworks.

9 Turnpin Lane Greenwich SE10 9JA






‘GAIA’ A new show by TRAFFORD PARSONS 14th September





‘GAIA’  14thSeptember – 30thSeptember 2018


Ben Oakley Gallery is thrilled to announce a new unseen collection of works by Master Printmaker Trafford Parsons. An uber creative who has fully immersed himself in the Art world over the last 25 years since leaving Goldsmiths Art College. Revelling in all aspects from Street Art to Screenprinting, Etching, to Film & Fashion including DJ’ing at some the worlds biggest Night Clubs in Manchester, London & New York.

Influences, be it 1970’s icons in his Storm Trooper etchings, or Sci Fi monsters attacking London landmarks in his Gaia series of screen prints, Trafford Parsons embraces fantasy, fun and iconic imagery

Film has been incredibly inspirational for Parsons. He loves Ray Harryhausen movies, 60’s and 70’s classics and British films such as ‘Jason and The Argonauts’, ‘Get Carter’ and ‘The Long Good Friday’. He has explored Professor James Lovelock’s ‘Gaia Theory’, and even experimented with C.T. scans of living people. Parsons is a life-long fan and promoter of funky, underground Pop culture. He’s a quirky and eccentric maverick who continues to create fascinating, unique artwork.


‘HOPES & DREAMS’ by Sam Warr 13th- 27th August 2018






SAM 2Photographer Sam Warr got used to market life in London as a child growing up in Greenwich where his mother had a Market stall. It was this introduction to London at an early age that began his interest in the surrounding architecture and environment. Exploring the Thames and the streets that encircled Greenwich at dawn and dusk fuelled his imagination as he began to view them in a different light. This love of undiscovered London was accentuated whilst working as a cycle courier where he would use all the back alleys and short cuts to cross this dynamic city. It was here that Sam decided to start photographing these interesting locations, and slowly photography grew into his passion. Self taught in every aspect and in full circle, Sam has established his own photographic business basing himself at Greenwich indoor Market. Over the last six years Sam has created numerous collections with his distinctive composition and style focusing predominately in black and white. He continues to seek undiscovered London and bring it into our lives. He currently works on private projects, commissions and corporate work.

In this solo show ‘Hopes & Dreams’ you will find a stimulating variety of unique photographs that reflect on a journey through Sam’s portfolio so far. Images that are dynamic and atmospheric including unseen locations that have been captured on film of this magnificent town we love called London.








A Game of Two Halves:

A joint exhibition of new works by two diametrically opposed artists, Mick McNicholas and Al Richardson.

Mick McNicholas is a representational artist, working primarily from life across a range of media.
Paintings and drawings for this exhibition come from a new body of work focussing on a series of Subbuteo still-lifes.

Al Richardson is an abstract artist working across painting, printing, constructions, and dimensions. Work for this exhibition receives its London debut.

In this exhibition, Al and Mick bring together a show from opposite ends of the spectrum of contemporary art.

A Game of Two Halves
Ben Oakley Gallery, Turnpin Ln, London SE10 9JA
July 31st – 12th August
10.00 am – 6.00 pm

Friday 3rd August
6.00  pm – 9.00 pm





Ben Oakley Gallery brings together painters John McCarthy and David Bray for the second time for a new show entitled ‘YOUNIVERSE’ that opens on the 6thJuly 7pm and runs until 29thJuly 2018. Both artists are currently in fine form, showing in two major exhibitions in London. John McCarthy’s exquisite photo realistic work has been selected for the BP Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery and David Bray will be part of the Royal Academy Summer Show and has just had work placed in the Louvre, Paris permanent collection.

Unlike their previous collaboration; ‘Hopeless Utopias’, where John and David worked together on the same paintings, this show will have individual work by each artist. John has continued working on his ‘eye’ theme following on from his selected piece in the Portrait Prize and will have eight new paintings.

David has based this series of new work on a tale of fire, magic mushrooms and the myth of the West Farleigh big cat. Ever evolving Bray uses oil and acrylic on board and in addition has hand carved a series of whimsical smoking cats bringing them to life as ingenuous wooden sculptures.

At ‘Ben Oakley Gallery’ we are so lucky to have such amazing artists showing throughout the year and without doubt this is a classic example of the quality we love to bring to you, the B.O.G faithful. We thank you whole-heartedly whom without we couldn’t continue.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 6thJuly.

Thanks in advance for your continued support .



SWELER Snakes & Ladders 15th June

Sweler.jpeg copy

June 15th 7pm 2018 Join us at Ben Oakley Gallery for another visual explosion, his last Solo show in New York City was a sell out , followed up by a hugely successful show in Paris just recently, now Ben Oakley Gallery are proud to take on the baton and present ‘Sweler’ in his first solo exhibition in London. So far Sweler, hailing from Australia has graced us with his paintings in a couple of group shows @BOG, sold out in the unforgettable two man show with Schoony at the end of last year and has been hard at it since, producing and experimenting with entirely new work for ‘Snake & Ladders’ .The artist will be flying over to be with us in person at the opening drinks reception which will be a tight squeeze in the good old B.O.G so get your names over to us to ensure you’re in on the night for a proper celebration and a warm South East London welcome to our guest artist. The exhibition continues until the 1st July. email info@benoakleygallery.com for opening night.
we look forward to seeing you and your support as ever.

Thanks Ben



1.1 BOG MARK MELVIN Pins and Needles April 2018

Mark Melvin is a Greenwich based impressionist cityscape painter predominately working in oil on board. He knows the South East London streets like the back of his hands. Having grown up in Deptford and Greenwich, Melvin has spent his life walking up and down the banks of the Thames and been inspired by the urban city landscape.


His interests’ lie in the ever-evolving architectural scenes and shapes the City has to offer. With a keen observation documenting the not so glamorous areas now lost to gentrification. Melvin paints his own arenas with an uplifting and recognisable backdrop London Skyline.


For years Melvin worked with only five muted colours creating a very distinctive identity and palette. In this, surprisingly, his first Solo exhibition in London Melvin has added a new hue to a selection of the works elevating the graphic element with new vibrancy as buildings become strong blocks of colour enhancing the framing of each inner city setting.

We are absolutely thrilled to present this exhibition and cannot wait to see this entirely new collection and the next developmental stage of Melvin’s career.
We would like to invite you all to attend the Opening Night drinks reception which will be held at Ben Oakley Gallery 9 Turnpin Lane Greenwich London SE10 9JA Friday 13th April 2018 from 7pm -10pm



thumbnail_rte8           RETURN TO EARTH by DAVID BRAY  opens 9th March 2018

After a year spent in the Kent, East Sussex & Suffolk countryside ‘en plein air’ following the success of ‘Earth’ held at Ben Oakley Gallery in 2017, (his first solo exhibition in the genre) David Bray is set to present ‘Return to Earth’ 2018 an outstanding fresh collection of paintings.

Demonstrating mastery of Acrylic painting his voluminous output ranges from depictions of local topography to atmospheric renderings of pending weather fronts, sunsets, sunbursts and inspiring terrain.

Exploring and developing these techniques and ‘really getting his feet dirty’ this newfound passion in abstract landscape painting is truly bringing out the precision and skills we are all used to seeing from Bray in a totally different light.

First hand observations delicately feathered, subtly coloured brush strokes flow as freely as the grass swaying in the breeze, blending the earth into skies and horizons with an intense atmosphere and depth.

It is our great pleasure to promote this truly versatile and efficacious artist and to host this fantastic Exhibition ‘Return to Earth’ our first show of the year 2018.

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday the 9th March at Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich from 7pm.

The exhibition ends on the 25th March 2018.

The artist will be in attendance.





VERTIGO Opening Night Fri 10th Nov


Ben Oakley Gallery is excited to welcome back two of our favourite artists in this last show of the year, VERTIGO.
We all at times experience cultural Vertigo.

Nothing is what it seems, and it seems nothing ever will be. It’s a sensation that leaves us all in a spin, a state of mind with unbalance and delirium. We attempt to stabilise, to be still, and place ourselves within this vertiginous space.

Yvonne Wayling and Kim Tong paintings, in different ways, make concrete this altered state. The place of delirium is where it all starts …

The artists have a similar background, both traditionally trained at Art School in the early eighties but deliver their works using different techniques. Kim presents her work in Oils on linen with a balance of strong abstract and loose figurative marks leaving the viewer to explicate the whole story of the image. Yvonne has perfected the art of Spray Paint and stencil work, delicately cutting for hours on end before a mark is even laid down. Her subjects and substrates vary from powerful portraiture to ethereal multi layered scenes on canvas, slate, skate decks & glass.


We invite you to attend the opening evening for drinks and canapés to celebrate with the artists and their new work.




The Ben Oakley Gallery takes great pride in the quality of the artists they chose and the exhibitions they curate. The next show is no exception. In addition we are pleased to announce that we are collaborating for the first time with the internationally recognised Woodbury House to present two fantastic artists who practice their craft in two totally different mediums. Schoony is represented by PSR and lives in the UK, he has carved out a heavyweight reputable name within the urban art scene for over ten years. His exquisite hyper real life casting sculptures are collected globally and sit handsomely side by side with many of todays modern masters. Themes vary from the importance and passion of anti-war and capitalism to a lighter viewpoint on portraying pop culture in his totally unique style.

Sweler is lucky enough to be dual based in Australia and the UK. He has been immersing himself in both countries Street art scenes and culture that have contributed to his beautifully stylistic and emotive paintings.

Using acrylics and spray paint on canvas Sweler has refined his skills painting in single block backgrounds and often vibrant flashes of colour that enable his other worldly characters to float in their own world as they transfix a somewhat innocent gaze on the viewer.

The success of each delicately painted character has a loveable purity yet carries a melancholic darker presence that endears you to them.


This is a classic example of the attractive style of curating Ben Oakley Gallery likes to assemble, two thoroughly dynamic artists with different styles and techniques.
From Schoony we are pleased to announce that his sculptures on show will be a first showing in a special prismatic colour way of the iconic Soldier Boy, Butterfly Kiss and The Bruiser and from Sweler a series of brand new paintings will be overlooking the whole experience.


A visual and aesthetic delight for everyone, and a must  visit exhibition in October 2017.


Schoony and Sweler Show






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