VERTIGO Opening Night Fri 10th Nov


Ben Oakley Gallery is excited to welcome back two of our favourite artists in this last show of the year, VERTIGO.
We all at times experience cultural Vertigo.

Nothing is what it seems, and it seems nothing ever will be. It’s a sensation that leaves us all in a spin, a state of mind with unbalance and delirium. We attempt to stabilise, to be still, and place ourselves within this vertiginous space.

Yvonne Wayling and Kim Tong paintings, in different ways, make concrete this altered state. The place of delirium is where it all starts …

The artists have a similar background, both traditionally trained at Art School in the early eighties but deliver their works using different techniques. Kim presents her work in Oils on linen with a balance of strong abstract and loose figurative marks leaving the viewer to explicate the whole story of the image. Yvonne has perfected the art of Spray Paint and stencil work, delicately cutting for hours on end before a mark is even laid down. Her subjects and substrates vary from powerful portraiture to ethereal multi layered scenes on canvas, slate, skate decks & glass.


We invite you to attend the opening evening for drinks and canapés to celebrate with the artists and their new work.




The Ben Oakley Gallery takes great pride in the quality of the artists they chose and the exhibitions they curate. The next show is no exception. In addition we are pleased to announce that we are collaborating for the first time with the internationally recognised Woodbury House to present two fantastic artists who practice their craft in two totally different mediums. Schoony is represented by PSR and lives in the UK, he has carved out a heavyweight reputable name within the urban art scene for over ten years. His exquisite hyper real life casting sculptures are collected globally and sit handsomely side by side with many of todays modern masters. Themes vary from the importance and passion of anti-war and capitalism to a lighter viewpoint on portraying pop culture in his totally unique style.

Sweler is lucky enough to be dual based in Australia and the UK. He has been immersing himself in both countries Street art scenes and culture that have contributed to his beautifully stylistic and emotive paintings.

Using acrylics and spray paint on canvas Sweler has refined his skills painting in single block backgrounds and often vibrant flashes of colour that enable his other worldly characters to float in their own world as they transfix a somewhat innocent gaze on the viewer.

The success of each delicately painted character has a loveable purity yet carries a melancholic darker presence that endears you to them.


This is a classic example of the attractive style of curating Ben Oakley Gallery likes to assemble, two thoroughly dynamic artists with different styles and techniques.
From Schoony we are pleased to announce that his sculptures on show will be a first showing in a special prismatic colour way of the iconic Soldier Boy, Butterfly Kiss and The Bruiser and from Sweler a series of brand new paintings will be overlooking the whole experience.


A visual and aesthetic delight for everyone, and a must  visit exhibition in October 2017.


Schoony and Sweler Show






9 Turnpin Lane, Greenwich, London SE10 9JA

DLR: Cutty Sark Greenwich (2 minutes walk)

Over ground Train: Greenwich Station (5 minutes walk)

Opening Times: Thursdays –Sundays 11-6pm

Monday –Wednesday by appointment

All media enquiries /invitations: please email Ben Oakley





WHITE CROSS STREET PARTY this Saturday 15th July


White Cross Street Party Organised by Teddy Baden

This Saturday the gallery will be open as ‘DIVISION’ the massive miniatures show continues. Myself, Yvonne Wayling and a host of super troopers will be painting live. Its going to be a good’n. 12- 6pm so get your skates on and take a trip round London & get some free paint fumes & culture down your necks!!!  Cheerio Amigos.




‘BILLY GREEN IS DEAD’ by Jehst : Album Launch 17th /18th June

BGID_Gallery flyer promo

Iconic Hip Hop musician Jehst commissioned hand-cut collage artist Matt Littler and calligrapher Oli Smart aka LetterShepherd to produce a set of 14 original art pieces – each one to accompany a track from his latest album. His first solo album in 6 years, Jehst’s ‘Billy Green is Dead’ takes its inspiration from the Gil Scott Heron poem of the same name.
“I wanted every track to have it’s own artwork that could stand up on it’s own. I asked Matt specifically to treat it as a body of work for exhibition beyond the album packaging. The artwork is a story and a world within itself. Because for me this album is about a concept; and the artistic statement behind that concept. I’ve expressed it through the music, but this is how Matt and Oli have reinterpreted it within the visual medium. “
The Art of ‘Billy Green is Dead’ will be on show Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June 2017 at the Ben Oakley Gallery, 9 Turnpin Lane, Greenwich Market, London SE10 9JA. Opening hours: 11am-6pm.


‘HOPELESS UTOPIAS‘  Book the weekend off.  PV Friday 14th October 2016 from 6.30-9.30pm




As a fun fair ‘Hopeless Utopias’ would be in low attendance, as a collaborative exhibition between these two established & very talented artists the intrigue & interest levels are ramped up to full capacity.


David Bray & John McCarthy, both noted artists in their own right

have decided to collaborate on an exciting and experimental exhibition. Each artist received six canvas’ and was asked to paint on one half only, then swop and finish the other side, all spontaneously without planning or agenda and allowing the other artist to paint over the divide if the urge hits them.

“its an exercise in trust and letting go”

In this show away from John’s photo-realist work comes a love of vintage illustration, through previous work as a cartoonist and years of experimental poppy, multi layered sketch book drawings, from David his abundant imagination infused with his vast knowledge & influences all contribute to his unique approach to obscuring meaning and direction.


The results of which culminate in this dynamic and thoroughly engaging exhibition brimming with style, quality & a generous lick

of humour.




9 Turnpin Lane, Greenwich, London SE10 9JA

DLR: Cutty Sark Greenwich (2 minutes walk)

Overground Train: Greenwich Station (5 minutes walk)



CLAIRE SWINDALE @the B.O.G 15th August – 28th August

Come & welcome Claire Swindale introducing her full Brand range, from soft furnishings, Prints, Wallpapers, Photography  & Luxury scarves. The brand is inspired by London; the fun, the detail, the comfort of the familiar, the anticipation of the unexpected. The signature style is structured yet whimsical, timeless yet edgy. The materials are of the highest British quality.WED-SUNDAY 11-6pm