‘EARTH’  new works by David Bray
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‘EARTH’ new works by David Bray

earth12‘ EARTH’ New Works by David Bray PV 14th April 2017 Exhibition runs until 30th April.

Internationally acclaimed Fine Art Illustrator David Bray exchanges his studio & pens for brushes and wanders off into the countryside. Embarking on a series of paintings and a totally new direction ‘EARTH’ is his latest exhibition and will be shown for the first time at Ben Oakley Gallery Greenwich. Opening Night 14th April. & runs until the 30th April 2017.

(Good Friday, Very Good Friday)

Renowned for his exquisite fine line drawings of the some of the worlds’ most beautiful women, Bray continues effortlessly to evolve, changing his style now more than ever embracing new challenges. This collection of landscapes carry the same finesse and accuracy that show how the roots of each new direction chosen, bare the inherent passion and style in the work that came before.

“It felt like I had been stuck inside, in a studio, for years and I needed to get out – get air, walk, breathe, put my feet on earth.” So whilst clearing out a few things at his parents in Kent he came across an old watercolour set & some yellowing postcards.   “ I had them in the car still on a visit to the Kent coast and thought to ignore them, but then just plundered straight in as I tend to do.”” I didn’t know what to expect but it soon became a new addiction and I loved the process” I had a legitimate reason to leave the four walls of my studio”.

“The paintings are just as much about solitude and clearing my brain of all the daily bullshits as they are about capturing a view.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing them all in one show & glad I’ve got the chance to share them with the world.”


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