VERTIGO   Opening Night Fri 10th Nov
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VERTIGO Opening Night Fri 10th Nov


Ben Oakley Gallery is excited to welcome back two of our favourite artists in this last show of the year, VERTIGO.
We all at times experience cultural Vertigo.

Nothing is what it seems, and it seems nothing ever will be. It’s a sensation that leaves us all in a spin, a state of mind with unbalance and delirium. We attempt to stabilise, to be still, and place ourselves within this vertiginous space.

Yvonne Wayling and Kim Tong paintings, in different ways, make concrete this altered state. The place of delirium is where it all starts …

The artists have a similar background, both traditionally trained at Art School in the early eighties but deliver their works using different techniques. Kim presents her work in Oils on linen with a balance of strong abstract and loose figurative marks leaving the viewer to explicate the whole story of the image. Yvonne has perfected the art of Spray Paint and stencil work, delicately cutting for hours on end before a mark is even laid down. Her subjects and substrates vary from powerful portraiture to ethereal multi layered scenes on canvas, slate, skate decks & glass.


We invite you to attend the opening evening for drinks and canapés to celebrate with the artists and their new work.

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