‘HOPES & DREAMS’  by Sam Warr 13th- 27th August 2018
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‘HOPES & DREAMS’ by Sam Warr 13th- 27th August 2018






SAM 2Photographer Sam Warr got used to market life in London as a child growing up in Greenwich where his mother had a Market stall. It was this introduction to London at an early age that began his interest in the surrounding architecture and environment. Exploring the Thames and the streets that encircled Greenwich at dawn and dusk fuelled his imagination as he began to view them in a different light. This love of undiscovered London was accentuated whilst working as a cycle courier where he would use all the back alleys and short cuts to cross this dynamic city. It was here that Sam decided to start photographing these interesting locations, and slowly photography grew into his passion. Self taught in every aspect and in full circle, Sam has established his own photographic business basing himself at Greenwich indoor Market. Over the last six years Sam has created numerous collections with his distinctive composition and style focusing predominately in black and white. He continues to seek undiscovered London and bring it into our lives. He currently works on private projects, commissions and corporate work.

In this solo show ‘Hopes & Dreams’ you will find a stimulating variety of unique photographs that reflect on a journey through Sam’s portfolio so far. Images that are dynamic and atmospheric including unseen locations that have been captured on film of this magnificent town we love called London.

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