‘GAIA’ A new show by TRAFFORD PARSONS 14th September
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‘GAIA’ A new show by TRAFFORD PARSONS 14th September





‘GAIA’  14thSeptember – 30thSeptember 2018


Ben Oakley Gallery is thrilled to announce a new unseen collection of works by Master Printmaker Trafford Parsons. An uber creative who has fully immersed himself in the Art world over the last 25 years since leaving Goldsmiths Art College. Revelling in all aspects from Street Art to Screenprinting, Etching, to Film & Fashion including DJ’ing at some the worlds biggest Night Clubs in Manchester, London & New York.

Influences, be it 1970’s icons in his Storm Trooper etchings, or Sci Fi monsters attacking London landmarks in his Gaia series of screen prints, Trafford Parsons embraces fantasy, fun and iconic imagery

Film has been incredibly inspirational for Parsons. He loves Ray Harryhausen movies, 60’s and 70’s classics and British films such as ‘Jason and The Argonauts’, ‘Get Carter’ and ‘The Long Good Friday’. He has explored Professor James Lovelock’s ‘Gaia Theory’, and even experimented with C.T. scans of living people. Parsons is a life-long fan and promoter of funky, underground Pop culture. He’s a quirky and eccentric maverick who continues to create fascinating, unique artwork.

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