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Traditional Karnatik singer

accompanied by violin and mridangam

Friday, March 6th

7.15pm – 9.00pm

Growing up with parents classically trained in Western music, from before she could talk Emmanuelle was surrounded by the practice and appreciation of music with merit. By age 4 she had started Western musical training. Her father, as well as being classically trained in Western music, practiced and taught Karnatik singing, the classical music of southern India, but it was a style of music that didn’t interest Emmanuelle — until a vocal teacher from India came to visit. After a couple of classes, and upon hearing his pure expression of Karnatik music, something shifted in her. She was irrevocably hooked.At the age of 19, she moved to Chennai, India to devote herself to the art of Karnatik singing, and she lived there for nearly 10 years, studying with renowned music master T. M. Krishna. Karnatik music is passed down orally from teacher to student in a millennia-old tradition of discipline and commitment. Emmanuelle has excelled as one of a rare few Westerners to undertake an apprenticeship to this demanding and ancient art form. She now travels between India, France and the United States performing, teaching and continuing her own training, driven by a profound commitment to her art.
Visit Emmanuelle’s website and Facebook page. To see some of her fantastic performances, go here or here.    

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