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‘HOPELESS UTOPIAS‘  Book the weekend off.  PV Friday 14th October 2016 from 6.30-9.30pm   thumbnail_IMG_5303   As a fun fair ‘Hopeless Utopias’ would be in low attendance, as a collaborative exhibition between these two established & very talented artists the intrigue & interest levels are ramped up to full capacity.   David Bray & John McCarthy, both noted artists in their own right have decided to collaborate on an exciting and experimental exhibition. Each artist received six canvas’ and was asked to paint on one half only, then swop and finish the other side, all spontaneously without planning or agenda and allowing the other artist to paint over the divide if the urge hits them. “its an exercise in trust and letting go” In this show away from John’s photo-realist work comes a love of vintage illustration, through previous work as a cartoonist and years of experimental poppy, multi layered sketch book drawings, from David his abundant imagination infused with his vast knowledge & influences all contribute to his unique approach to obscuring meaning and direction.   The results of which culminate in this dynamic and thoroughly engaging exhibition brimming with style, quality & a generous lick of humour.   VISITOR INFORMATION


9 Turnpin Lane, Greenwich, London SE10 9JA

DLR: Cutty Sark Greenwich (2 minutes walk)

Overground Train: Greenwich Station (5 minutes walk)


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