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[twocol_one]k4_flyer[/twocol_one][twocol_one_last]KEVIN FOURSAUDS – A 4 MAN SHOW September 12th – September 27th 2015 Preview Evening: Friday, September 11th 2015 6.30 – 9.30 pm RSVP[/twocol_one_last] [hr]

Kevin 4Sauds is the new 3Sauds. RAY RICHARDSON – DAVID BRAY – GUY DENNING – BEN OAKLEY Now in its 3rd year, Kevin 3Sauds (David Bray, Ray Richardson & Ben Oakley), who successfully transformed the Ben Oakley Gallery into a Pub in 2013, “Kevin’s Local”, with frosted out windows, a dart board and oche, a fully stocked bar & piano player, while serving jellied eels and mini pie & mash portions as canapés. Then in 2014, “Kevin’s Bed Sit” (70’s style) with net curtains, swirly carpet, a Baby Belling oven, a Z Bed with a body in it (Kevin?) throughout the exhibition and the obligatory dog eared Playboy under the bed. Canapés were Wagon Wheels, Jamaican Limes and Cuppa Soup was on offer. b_dink Though the lead character is fictional in these installations and there is a hint of light heartedness about the exhibitions the work is considered with each artist producing five or six new pieces with relevance tailored for each show. And then there were four. Kevin 4Sauds is the new 3Sauds with another heavyweight joining in. Guy Denning will be taking one side of the room as the Gallery gets dressed as a Boxing Ring for “Seconds Out”, another stage in “Kevin’s” life. Join us on Friday the eleventh of September 2015 for what is already creating a rumble in the Art Scene Jungle. Gum shield optional. Get ringside and watch all the surrounding galleries throw the towel in as your Art Metal is seriously challenged. DING DING Round 4 K4!


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