– PLATES / COLLECTION 1-  A Solo Exhibition   Tom Buchanan Friday 2nd Nov From 7pm
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– PLATES / COLLECTION 1- A Solo Exhibition Tom Buchanan Friday 2nd Nov From 7pm


Tom has been working in London as a freelance graphic artist since the millennium. He claims image making is his vocation and an eternal work in progress. Although in awe of the digital process, he clearly has a love for the tactile and getting his hands dirty. Alternating between illustration projects, Tom experiments with assemblage and the endless possibilities of box art. This study has turned into a series of nationwide exhibitions under the banner of ‘Out of the Box’, celebrating professionals to outsider artists, and the accessibility of this curious art form. As much as an investigation about the joys of collecting, it’s a bonafide antidote to our increasingly cyber world.

The ‘Plates’ exhibition is Tom’s first excursion into ceramics. Tom states his fascination is about the relationship of bringing together unlikely objects. It’s a pure response project, using neglected lonely plates as a storyboard. It’s usually the quirks, textures and imperfections that trigger an idea. He describes the process like ‘palm plate reading’ – you’re never quite sure what adventure might unfurl, but to give it too much thought is a failure, so it’s time to move on to the next. The naming and framing of the pieces has become an integral process. The titles just keep on coming, which has made this discovery yet another great reason to hoard !

smokerJoin us for a drinks reception meet the artist who will be in on the opening night & in residence for the duration of the exhibition here at the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich.

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