‘ROYAL FLUSHES’ Carrie Reichardt & Bob Osborne P.V  opens 6.30pm Fri 3rd Feb

‘ROYAL FLUSHES’ Carrie Reichardt & Bob Osborne P.V opens 6.30pm Fri 3rd Feb

Unbenannt-2Carrie Reichardt is a contemporary artist, who works from a mosaic-covered studio in London, The Treatment Rooms. A member of the Craftivism movement, Carrie Reichardt uses murals, ceramics, screen-printing and graphic design in her work. She is a dedicated advocate of the movement and curated one of the few exclusively Craftivist exhibitions in the UK,. Rebel Not Taken is the art brand of Bob Osborne. Bob Osborne’s ancestry can be traced back through a long line of downtrodden peasants, convicts, rag-and-bone men and all-round riff raff. The heroic sort that has always scratched a dodgy living on the outside edge of society. The Rebel Not Taken leit-motif runs through Bob Osborne’s Art. His work across mixed media is inherently imbued with the subversive and ribald imagery of an instinctive miscreant. Despite being a published poet (A Moon In Leo 1977) and possessing a keen philosophical end existential bent, Osborne prefers to create art with everyday materials and deconstruct found objects. He often incorporates low-brow language and slang into his work and uses visual metaphors that draw extensively on popular culture and taboo humour.  

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